The KC Home Tours Experience

Experience the Kansas City Urban Core like never before.

Continuing the Commemoration of the Fair Housing Act

There are so many new exciting things occurring in the heart of the city that people aren’t aware of. The housing inventory is moving rapidly, and people seldom consider the Urban Core for their purchases. This virtual and bus tour will help prospective residents understand the opportunity in the area. The homes tour will showcase pre-selected homes for sale by realtors in the Kansas City Urban Core, it also coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. The toured areas will be 18th Street on the north to Cleaver Blvd on the south and Troost Avenue on the west to Indiana Avenue on the east. There will be a raffle and block party after the tour!


Building a Stronger Core

Kansas City Urban Core is transforming before our very eyes. With a focus on culture, lifestyle, infrastructure, it's no wonder why residents are flocking to this area. Come see for yourself, and learn about all of the new developments and future plans for the Urban Core.

Turning Renters into Owners

Now is the time to position yourself to take advantage of the real-estate in our growing city. As leasing becomes more and more expensive, now is the time to transition into homeownership, and reap the long-term financial rewards of the cities investments into the area.

Lenders on Site

We'll have a wealth of expertise on-site to answer your questions. We hope that you'll take this opportunity to learn more about transitioning into homeownership, and allow us to work with you on a plan to help you reach your goal of finding the perfect home for your family to invest in.

Featured Homes Coming Soon!

We Are Proud to be Partners with the Following Prestigious Kansas City Urban Core Corporate Advocates.